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We Need to #FireHannity

Sean Hannity is a Fox News anchor and radio personality. He consistently spews hateful and bigoted rhetoric, endorses regressive policies, and defends right-wing conspiracy theories and propaganda. (Read: 25 things to know about Sean Hannity). Recently, Hannity called for a boycott of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. So we're countering with a boycott of him!

Below is a list companies that advertise on Hannity's Fox News and radio show with links to tweet at them, email and call. Green advertisers have pulled their ads from Hannity's show thanks to your efforts. Red advertisers have reinstated ads on Hannity's show since our efforts began. Remember to use the #fireHannity hashtag.

You have a voice everyday with your spending power. Hit these companies where it hurts most - their profits. Let them know you will never be a customer as long as they continue to support Hannity!

Please note the @firehannity twitter account is controlled by a MAGA troll and not affiliated with our site or the Democratic Coalition

  • It is more impactful to send a customized tweet - make sure you add your own message.
  • Be respectful! We know you're angry and fired up (you should be), but profanity and insults only reflects poorly on the #fireHannity effort.
  • Tweet, call, or email companies that you personally use, explain why advertising on Hannity is wrong, and be ready to boycott them if they do not change their behavior.
  • Sending many tweets at once, especially if they are not customized, might cause Twitter's algorithm to mistake you for a bot. If you want to tweet at all or many of these companies, consider using group tweets instead.
Sean Hannity Advertisers
AdvertiserTwitterSend TweetContact PagePhoneReply to Recent Tweet
Ancestry DNA@ancestryTweet at Ancestry DNA 705-7000
AstraZenica@AstraZenecaUSTweet at AstraZenica 236-9933
Bayer@BayerTweet at Bayer 737-8900
Beaches@BeachesResortsTweet at Beaches 232-2437
CA Technologies@CAincTweet at CA Technologies 225-5224
ClearChoice@ClearChoiceTweet at ClearChoice 651-9950
DirecTV@DIRECTVTweet at DirecTV 531-5000
Entyvio@EntyvioUSATweet at Entyvio 825-3327
Fisher Investments@fisherinvestTweet at Fisher Investments 823-9566
GlaxoSmithKline@GSKTweet at GlaxoSmithKline 314-4400
Gotham Steel 326-0978
HarvestRight@harvestrightTweet at HarvestRight 700-5508
HomeAdvisor@HomeAdvisorTweet at HomeAdvisor 800-3177
IBM@ibmTweet at IBM 499-1900
Infiniti@InfinitiUSATweet at Infiniti 662-6200
Jenny Craig@JennyCraigTweet at Jenny Craig 696-4195
Kardia Mobile@alivecorTweet at Kardia Mobile 338-8800
Lending Tree@LendingTreeTweet at Lending Tree 555-8733
Lexus@LexusTweet at Lexus 255-3987
Liberty Mutual@LibertyMutualTweet at Liberty Mutual 398-8924
LifeLock@LifeLockTweet at LifeLock 543-3562
Mitsubishi@mitsucarsTweet at Mitsubishi 1(888) 648-7820
My Pillow@MyPillowUSATweet at My Pillow 308-1299
National Car Rental@NationalProTweet at National Car Rental 393-9989
Non24@Non24HrDisorderTweet at Non24 856-2424
NutriSystem@NutrisystemTweet at NutriSystem 585-5483
P&G@ProcterGambleTweet at P&G 983-1100
P&G (Cascade)@mycascadeTweet at P&G (Cascade)
P&G (Crest)@crestTweet at P&G (Crest)
P&G (Dawn)@dawndishTweet at P&G (Dawn)
P&G (Febreze)@Febreze_FreshTweet at P&G (Febreze)
P&G (Gain)@gainTweet at P&G (Gain)
P&G (Meta Appetite Control)
P&G (Mr. Clean)@RealMrCleanTweet at P&G (Mr. Clean)
Pfizer@pfizerTweet at Pfizer 879-3477
Prevagen@PrevagenTweet at Prevagen
Progressive@ProgressiveTweet at Progressive 240-9839
Publishers Clearing House@pchdotcomTweet at Publishers Clearing House 459-4724
Sandals@SandalsResortsTweet at Sandals 726-3257
Sanofi@sanofiTweet at Sanofi 981-2491
SiriusXM@SiriusXMTweet at SiriusXM 635-5027
Southern New Hampshire University@SNHUTweet at Southern New Hampshire University 668-1249
Trivago@trivagoTweet at Trivago
VariDesk@VarideskTweet at VariDesk 207-2587
Visting Angels @VisitingAngelsTweet at Visting Angels 365-4289
ZeroWater@ZeroWaterFilterTweet at ZeroWater 503-2939
AARP@AARPTweet at AARP 687-2277
ADT@ADTTweet at ADT 322-7235
AT&T@attTweet at AT&T 331-0500
Australian Dream@australiandreamTweet at Australian Dream 600-4642
Bass Pro Shops@BassProShopsTweet at Bass Pro Shops 227-7776
Blue Emu@blueemu1Tweet at Blue Emu 432-9334
Business Roundtable@BizRoundtableTweet at Business Roundtable 872-1260
CarFax@carfaxreportsTweet at CarFax
Citi@citiTweet at Citi
CoolSculpting@coolsculptingTweet at CoolSculpting 474-2500
Duracell@DuracellTweet at Duracell 551-2355
Experian@Experian_USTweet at Experian 830-5300
Genucel@GenucelTweet at Genucel 754-6211
Gillette@GilletteTweet at Gillette 445-5388
Golden Corral@goldencorralTweet at Golden Corral
Hyundai@HyundaiTweet at Hyundai 633-5151
IHOP@IHOPTweet at IHOP 444-5144
John Deere@JohnDeereTweet at John Deere 223-4817
LegalZoom@LegalZoomTweet at LegalZoom 679-2319
Loan Depot@loanDepotTweet at Loan Depot 983-3240 at Match.com 1(800) 926-2824
NextEra Energy@nexteraenergyTweet at NextEra Energy 694-4442
OfferUp@offerupTweet at OfferUp
Office Depot/Office Max@officedepotTweet at Office Depot/Office Max 463-3768
OxiClean 524-1328
Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans)@QuickenLoansTweet at Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans) 304-1225
SimpliSafe@SimpliSafeTweet at SimpliSafe 957-4675
Smart Mouth@SmartMouthTweet at Smart Mouth 995-3090
Tide@tideTweet at Tide 879-8433
USAA@USAATweet at USAA 531-8722
Victoza@novonordiskTweet at Victoza 987-5800
Viking Cruises@VikingRiverTweet at Viking Cruises 984-5464
WeatherTech@WeatherTechTweet at WeatherTech 441-6287
Abeka 223-5226
ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rinse
Ageless Male@New_VitalityTweet at Ageless Male 997-2941
Allstar Products Group 347-7827
America's Biopharmaceutical Comapnies@PhRMATweet at America's Biopharmaceutical Comapnies 835-3400
American Home Shield@AHS_WarrantyTweet at American Home Shield 429-8247
American Petroleum Institute@apiglobalTweet at American Petroleum Institute 682-8000
Angel Care Insurance Network1(800) 205-7280
Animal Planet@AnimalPlanetTweet at Animal Planet 662-3709
Applebee's@ApplebeesTweet at Applebee's 592-7753
Ark Encounter@ArkEncounterTweet at Ark Encounter 284-3275
Audi@audiTweet at Audi 822-2834
Avram Blair & Associates 384-5745
Berkeley Life 512-0943
Bissell@bissellcleanTweet at Bissell 237-7691
Bounty@bountyTweet at Bounty at Bringchangetomind.org 273-8255
Cabela's@cabelasTweet at Cabela's 237-4444 at Cars.com 780-1286
CenturyLink Business@CenturyLinkBizTweet at CenturyLink Business 642-0444 at Chewy.com 672-4399
Christian Faith Publishing 278-1207
Cincinatti Financial 870-2000
ColoGuard@ExactSciencesTweet at ColoGuard 870-8870
Coravin@CoravinTweet at Coravin 692-6728
Cosequin@CosequinPetTweet at Cosequin 886-6442
Credit Associates@GetDebtReliefTweet at Credit Associates 509-8467
Doan's 790-6417
EHarmony@eharmonyTweet at EHarmony 527-7421
Elite Singles@elitesinglesTweet at Elite Singles
Entresto@novartisTweet at Entresto 669-6682
Extenze@ExtenzeofficialTweet at Extenze 269-3198
Farxiga@AstraZenecaUSTweet at Farxiga
Ford@FordTweet at Ford 521-4140
Future is Kenya@futureiskenyaTweet at Future is Kenya
Future Steel Buildings@FutureSteelTweet at Future Steel Buildings 668-5111
FX@FXNetworksTweet at FX
Gold Bond
Goldwater Lawfirm 900-9452
Home Instead Senior Care@homeinsteadTweet at Home Instead Senior Care 484-5759 at Hometogo.com 084-7396
Icy Hot
InventHelp@inventhelpTweet at InventHelp 468-3684
IZOD@IZODTweet at IZOD 866-7292
Jitterbug Flip@jitterbugphonesTweet at Jitterbug Flip 958-8324
JointFlex 235-4581
Kia@kiaTweet at Kia 333-4542
Koch Industries@Koch_IndustriesTweet at Koch Industries
Leesa@leesasleepTweet at Leesa 335-3372
Life Alert@Life_AlertTweet at Life Alert1(800) 360-0329
Lincoln Motor Company@LincolnMotorCoTweet at Lincoln Motor Company 521-4140
Linzess@AllerganTweet at Linzess 261-8030
Lionsgate@LionsgateTweet at Lionsgate 449-9200
Lo-Bak Trax@LoBakTraxTweet at Lo-Bak Trax 840-2151
Mazda@MazdaUSATweet at Mazda 222-5500
McDonald's@McDonaldsTweet at McDonald's 244-6227
Midas@MidasCare1Tweet at Midas 621-8545
MTailor@mtailorTweet at MTailor
Namzaric@AllerganTweet at Namzaric 261-7000
Navy Federal Credit Union@NavyFederalTweet at Navy Federal Credit Union 842-6328
NFL Network@NFLNetworkTweet at NFL Network
Nissan@NissanUSATweet at Nissan 647-7261
Nu Skin@nuskinTweet at Nu Skin 487-1000
Omaha Steaks@OmahaSteaksTweet at Omaha Steaks 960-8400
Orkin@TheOrkinManTweet at Orkin 214-3597
OurTime@OurTimeDatingTweet at OurTime 727-8920
Physicians Mutual 228-9100 at Pods.com 770-7637 at PolicyGenius.com 695-2255
Qunol@Qunol_CoQ10Tweet at Qunol(877) 290-2621
Restasis@RestasisTweet at Restasis 469-8327 at 656-1918
RockAuto@RockAuto_PartsTweet at RockAuto(608) 661-1376
Salonpas@salonpasTweet at Salonpas 826-8861
Samaritan's Purse@SamaritansPurseTweet at Samaritan's Purse 262-1980
ScotteVest@ScotteVestTweet at ScotteVest 909-8378
Seabond 431-2610
Shark Ninja@SharkCleaningTweet at Shark Ninja
SockSlider 210-7991
SoFi 456-7634
Sokolove Law@SokoloveLawTweet at Sokolove Law 609-7945
Sono Bello@SonoBelloTweet at Sono Bello 995-1136
Spotlight Resorts@SpotlightResortTweet at Spotlight Resorts 988-7768
Stanley Steemer@stanleysteemerTweet at Stanley Steemer 783-3637
Starbucks@StarbucksTweet at Starbucks 782-7282
Starkist@StarKistCharlieTweet at Starkist 252-1587
Taltz@TaltzTweet at Taltz 825-8948
Terminix@TerminixTweet at Terminix 837-6464
The Jewelry Exchange@JewelryExchangeTweet at The Jewelry Exchange 539-3574
TIAA@TIAATweet at TIAA 842-2252
Universal Pictures@UniversalPicsTweet at Universal Pictures 664-4444 at Values.com
Walmart@WalmartTweet at Walmart 925-6278
Warner Bros.@wbpicturesTweet at Warner Bros.
Wayfair@WayfairTweet at Wayfair 263-8325
Wonder Hanger@wonderhangerTweet at Wonder Hanger 531-8906