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We Need to #FireHannity

Sean Hannity is a Fox News anchor and radio personality. He consistently spews hateful and bigoted rhetoric, endorses regressive policies, and defends right-wing conspiracy theories and propaganda. (Read: 25 things to know about Sean Hannity). Recently, Hannity called for a boycott of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. So we're countering with a boycott of him!

Below is a list companies that advertise on Hannity's Fox News and radio show with links to tweet at them, email and call. Green advertisers have pulled their ads from Hannity's show thanks to your efforts. Red advertisers have reinstated ads on Hannity's show since our efforts began. Remember to use the #fireHannity hashtag.

You have a voice everyday with your spending power. Hit these companies where it hurts most - their profits. Let them know you will never be a customer as long as they continue to support Hannity!

  • It is more impactful to send a customized tweet - make sure you add your own message.
  • Be respectful! We know you're angry and fired up (you should be), but profanity and insults only reflects poorly on the #fireHannity effort.
  • Tweet, call, or email companies that you personally use, explain why advertising on Hannity is wrong, and be ready to boycott them if they do not change their behavior.
  • Sending many tweets at once, especially if they are not customized, might cause Twitter's algorithm to mistake you for a bot. If you want to tweet at all or many of these companies, consider using group tweets instead.